Statement of Commitment to Child Safety

At City Venue Management (CVM), we’re focused and committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of everyone that visits our facilities — including children, staff, family and friends. To make sure we can protect children, and to provide a safe and comfortable Learn to Swim environment, we adhere to all of the relevant policies and procedures. 

We believe taking a preventative and proactive approach to child safety is key to creating a secure space to swim for all. We do this by providing regular and extensive team training and development, which follow both our company core values as well as our work with Child Safeguard, the independent Child Protection experts within our industry. 

CVM Welcome Booklet

Child Safety Policy


Child Safe Complaints Handling

CVM is committed to resolving and responding to all complaints from clients and the general public in a prompt, impartial, and just manner. To access our complaints handling policy for general complaints please Click Here.

To access information about how CVM handles Child Safety Complaints, please refer to the ‘Complaints Handling’ section in CVM’s Child Protection Policy.

To make a complaint please click here. Please find our complaints form as a child-friendly version available for Download Here.

If you’d like to talk to us about our child safeguarding, please contact: